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DRB au défilé de la fierté de St-Jean, Terre-Neuve

Local 855

Cora Saunders, membre du personnel DRB, a participé au défilé de la fierté de St-Jean, Terre-Neuve cette fin de semaine et a rencontré de nombreux militaires montrant leur fierté! @STJPride #yytpride #stjohnspride #pride2022

DRB offre une formation de base obligatoire sur la sécurité en construction gratuitement à Trenton 3-7 oct

Local 855

En Ontario, Du Régiment aux Bâtiments offre une formation de base obligatoire sur la sécurité en construction gratuitement à tous ceux inscrits au programme à Trenton 3-7 oct. Cependant, cette formation s'adresse uniquement aux personnes voulant travailler dans la province de l'Ontario.
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DRB participé a la parade de la Fète du Travail

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Directeur Exécutif National Du régiment aux bâtiments Joe Maloney et son petit-fils Mekai a fièrement participé au défilé de la fête du Travail de Sarnia

DRB au tournoi de golf de charpentiers

Local 855

Normand Trépanier et Michael Humphries à la table Du Régiment aux Bâtiments lors du tournoi de golf du conseil des charpentiers/menuisiers de l’Ontario qui s'est déroulé sur le magnifique parcours de golf Angus Glen à Markham, en Ontario.

DRB au Boilermaker Tripartite

Local 855

L’équipe Du Régiment aux Bâtiments participant à la conférence tripartite des chaudronniers à St Andrew by the Sea au Nouveau-Brunswick.

DRB au Défilé de la Fierté 2022 par Fierté Fredericton Pride

Local 855

H2H's Dave Giannou & Cora Saunders enjoyed the festivities at the Fredericton Pride Parade in August!

Le directeur exécutif Du Régiment aux Bâtiments a été élu lauréat du prix de l'industrie 2022.

Local 855

Toutes nos félicitations au directeur exécutif Du Régiment aux Bâtiments, Joe Maloney, le récipiendaire du prix de l'industrie 2022 de la Fraternité internationale des chaudronniers !! Bravo!

DRB au Congrès du Saskatchewan Building Trades Conference

Local 855

H2H is at the Saskatchewan Building Trades Conference, #Saskatoon @SKBldingTrades 27July. Come on over & find out how employers can hire a Veteran: it’s simple,secure & free! #HelmetstoHardhats

Veterans from H2H some of ‘best employees’ says contractor

Local 855

If one of the owners of a major scaffolding company in Toronto had an opportunity to hire a large crew of ex-military personnel transitioning into careers as carpenters, he’d do it on a moment’s notice.

They are that good, says Kris Rodobolski, a co-founder and chief operating officer of Summit Access Solutions Inc., which has built a reputation for its scaffolding work on major projects in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa and other regions of the province.

Over the last couple of years, the contractor has employed four to six ex-military personnel at any given time as carpenter apprentices in scaffolding through the Helmets to Hardhats (H2H) program.

At first, Rodobolski had no idea if the crews from H2H would work out on the job.

“We very quickly learned that these are some of the best employees we’ll ever have.”

He says even “green apprentices” have proven to be assets right away.

“They are hardworking, very respectful” of their peers and managers and “they are very prompt – as small an item as that seems.”

Rodobolski believes their military experience has been character building, helping those men and women develop good working habits and interpersonal skills needed as new apprentices.

Summit, which builds all types of scaffolding, including large platform access units and employs 80 to 100 workers, is one of a growing number of builders that see the merits of hiring H2H workers.

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DRB reçoit des dons à un tournoi de golf

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Mr. Romeo Milano of Safety Environmental presenting a cheque of the amount of $1000 to Normand from Helmets to Hardhats. M. Romeo Milano de Safety Environmental remettant un chèque au montant de 1000 $ à Normand Du Régiment aux Bâtiments.
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Normand, H2H, receiving a cheque from Mr. Christian Bassels TORCAN LIFT EQUIPMENT of $1000 in support to Helmets to Hardhats Canada. Normand, DRB, recevant un chèque au montant de 1000 $ de la part de M. Christian Bassels de TORCAN LIFT EQUIPMENT en support à Du Régiment aux Bâtiments.
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Normand, H2H, receiving a cheque from Mr. Alex McMiller TRV Group Inc of the amount of $1000 in support to Helmets to Hardhats Canada. Normand. DRB, recevant un chèque au montant de 1000 $ de la part de M. Alex McMiller de TRV Group Inc en support à Du Régiment aux Bâtiments.
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Normand with the owner of the Summit Access Solution Chris and Dave accompanied by Mr. Dan Church from Superior Crane and Michael Humphries from the Carpenters Union local 27. Normand avec les propriétaires de Summit Access Solution Chris et Dave ils sont accompagné par M. Dan Church de Superior Crane et par Michael Humphries du syndicat des Charpentiers-menuisiers local 27.

DRB offre les cours sur la sécurité gratuit

Local 855

Ontario seulement ! Helmetstohardhats is sponsoring free mandated industry safety courses throughout the province! These courses are required on any construction worksite. You must be registered with H2H prior to acceptance.

Inscrivez-vous dès aujourd'hui à https://app.helmetstohardhats.ca/en/Register N'hésitez pas à nous joindre en tout temps pour une question https://www.helmetstohardhats.ca/en/contact.htm

DRB au Congrés du Nova Scotia Building Trades

Local 855

Helmets to Hardhats is at the Mainland Nova Scotia Building Trades 7th Annual Conference! Our Placement Officer Dave is presenting today and will be answering questions etc at our booth. Come by and say Hi!

H2H au Conférence sur les droits de la personne

Local 855

This week Jamie MacMillan will be representing Helmets to Hardhats with H2H Placement Officer Paul Bury at the Human Rights Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba for Pride Week. Thanks to you Todd, Karen and Diane from Rainbow Veterans for stopping by to welcome us. 🏳️‍🌈

H2H receives Skills Development Funding to reach more Veterans

The Ontario government is working for workers by supporting the development of accessible pathways to the skilled trades industry for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Reservists, Veterans, family members and senior cadets. Transitioning from military service is a difficult period, where Helmets to Hardhats has established a credible process that refers patrons to quality post-service careers. In partnership with Canada’s Building Trades Unions, Helmets to Hardhats has to date referred over 2500 clients to opportunities into apprenticeships and direct hires in Canada’s construction industry.

As a result of the second round of the Skills Development Fund application, the Ontario government financially supports a unique collaboration between Helmets to Hardhats , Fanshawe College, Loyalist College and Point Release Education. This innovative partnership forms the basis of a Military-Connected Student in Trades Pilot Program (MCSTPP), This program is a realization of a learning-to-employment pathway for military connected students entering the construction industry in Ontario.

“Ontario’s brave men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves put their lives on hold in service of their country,” said Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development. “That is why our government is proud to invest in innovative programs like Helmets to Hardhats, which connects veterans to meaningful, well-paying careers when they return to civilian life.”

“With support from Minister McNaughton, Helmets to hardhats has partnered with leaders in Ontario postsecondary to provide credible, recognizable, and valued programming that will lead to a meaningful impact on Ontario’s economy. It is essential that we highlight career opportunities for Canadas Veterans and their families as we simultaneously honour the commitment to service they made on behalf of the nation,” said Joseph Maloney , Executive Director Helmets to Hardhats.

Along with the MCSTPP the Skills Development Fund supports an innovative program called Pathways to Post Military Employment. This is a partnership between Helmets to Hardhats and the Good Shepherd Ministries to seek out homeless veterans and offer them opportunities in the construction industry.

“It can be a struggle for a homeless Veteran to stay hopeful and envision a way off the streets. However, Good Shepherd’s partnership with Helmets to Hardhats offers a lifeline to Veterans. If a homeless veteran realizes that they can learn trade skills that will secure a good job, it gives them a sense of purpose. It means they can build a future, not just struggle to survive from day to day. By helping Good Shepherd connect homeless and at-risk Veterans with training that leads to good , well paying careers in the construction industry, Helmets to Hardhats is giving dignity, structure, and hope to Veterans on the streets. It is a great encouragement to see that the Ontario Government is investing in the future of Veterans. None of this should rest until all of our Veterans have a safe place they call home!” said Brother David Lynch , Executive Director Good Shepherd Ministries.

Ontario Skills Development Fund
Good Shepherd Ministries

DRB au Congrés du SMCC

Local 855

Deux membres de l’équipe Du Régiment aux Bâtiments au Congrès du syndicat des métiers de la construction canadienne (CSMCC) 2022  à l'hôtel Westin à Ottawa. De gauche à droite, David Giannou, notre représentant de l'Atlantique et Paul Bury, notre représentant de l'Ouest et du Nord. Il s'agit du premier congrès après que le Covid-19 nous a frappés en 2020.

Outreach specialist joins H2H team

Local 855

From Jamie McMillan, Outreach Specialist, H2H: "Today I am so freaking proud to announce my newest adventure with Helmets to Hardhats Canada as their newest recruiter. It is an absolute honour to expand our KickAss Careers outreach program to recruit military veterans, their partners & children into the Canadian Building Trades Unions."

Outreach specialist joins H2H team

cora saunders

From Cora Saunders, Outreach Specialist, H2H:
"My military time was spent in both components, regular and reserve and I feel that having experience in both components served me well. My time was also spent in two elements both Air and Army. While I was with the Reserve I had postings at a Service Battalion as well as being both a clerk and a recruiter at both recruiting centres in Newfoundland.
Some of my other posting were 16 Wing in Borden, ON and 9 Wing Gander where I spent two years working with the Canadian Rangers. I did my final release in 2012 after spending 32 years in the service and decided it was a good time to travel a little."

H2H visits WorkingNB

Local 855

From Dave Giannou, Atlantic Canada Representative, H2H: I met with Deputy Minister Daniel Mills, Assistant Deputy Minister Alain Basque and Sarah Price, Executive Director, WorkingNB to discuss how Helmets to Hardhats and WorkingNB can work together for the mutual benefit of New Brunswickers and our veterans. In the attached pictures are DM Mills, Sarah Price and myself in the boardroom of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour NB. Alain Basque had to leave early and I didn’t get his picture. Next time…
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Plus d'outils de communication: DRB et L’organisation des industries nucléaires canadienne (OINC)


L’organisation des industries nucléaires canadienne (OINC) est très fier d'annoncer que Du Régiment aux Bâtiments Canada a été accepté comme membre de soutien de l’organisation des industries nucléaires canadienne lors de la réunion du conseil d'administration OINC du 7 janvier 2022.

« L'adhésion Du Régiment aux Bâtiments aidera à renforcer les liens entre l' OINC et DRB ce qui permettra aux vétérans de trouver de bons emplois et carrières dans certaines des 220 entreprises membres de l' OINC qui fournissent des biens et des services à l'industrie nucléaire canadienne et qui jouent un rôle majeur pour aider le Canada à atteindre son objectif de réduction des Gaz à effet de serre GES "Net Zéro d'ici 2050" a déclaré le président et chef de la direction d'OINC, le Dr Ron Oberth. « Nous croyons que les vétérans du Canada apporteront des compétences, une discipline et un travail d'équipe précieux pour renforcer la chaîne d'approvisionnement nucléaire canadienne. »

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Trucking offers veterans a path to second careers

The path to a civilian truck driving career has improved in the last five years, as provincial licensing offices began to recognize military driving credentials known as a DND 404.

That change was largely realized through a campaign led by Helmets to Hardhats Canada, a non-profit group more widely known for helping veterans find careers in construction. It took a central role in discussions with the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, working alongside J4 Transport, Teamsters Canada, and building trade unions.

“It’s crazy. You could drive a transport truck in the military, but not on a 400-Series highway in civilian life,” says Joseph Maloney, founder and executive director of Helmets to Hardhats Canada.

“It worked, and it’s in place, and I think besides helping veterans it also helped the trucking industry.”

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Ops Notes: Poppies and My Pops


Among all the drama of the U.S. election, the new color coded COVID system and all the other ‘newsworthy’ headlines we should not forget that November 11th is Remembrance Day. It is the observed day where we salute those who have served and continue to serve; and we take pause to honor the fallen in times of war and conflict. It’s a singular day where we as a country collectively gives thanks to these men and women who have and still stand with courage and valour to protect their values and that of their chosen nation.

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H2H visits Teamsters Local 855

Local 855

Teamsters 855, St. John's Nfld & Labrador has been a proud affiliate with Helmets to Hardhats (H2H) since 2014!

If you are a veteran looking to re-enter the workforce, register with H2H today.
Visit Local 855 by clicking here.

LILLEY: Helmets to Hardhats helps veterans find jobs in the trades

H2H meets with Minister of Veterans Affairs

An organization started almost a decade ago to help veterans transition to civilian life is now extending help to those who stood shoulder to shoulder with Canada in Afghanistan.

Helmets to Hardhats helps place veterans who are leaving military service into training programs for the construction trades and will now help the interpreters, drivers, fixers, and others who worked alongside Canadian soldiers.

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La restauration et la remise en état du "Tommy"

H2H meets with Minister of Veterans Affairs
From L to R: MP Marilyn Gladu MP, Sarnia—Lambton, Ontario, John Swart President of the Sarnia Building Trades, Joe Maloney, Nat’l Director #HelmetstoHardhats, MPP Bob Bailey of Sarnia

The Sarnia-Lambton Building Construction and Trades Council. led by President John Swart , led a campaign to restore the Statue after vandalism in April. The bronze statue, known as « Tommy » was dedicated in 1922 and stands as a tribute in Sarnia’s Veterans Park to those soldiers who sacrificed during the First World War.

"I was pleased to be a part of Saturday’s 100th anniversary ceremony at the Sarnia Cenotaph,"" said MPP Bob Bailey via Twitter, "Local tradespeople, companies and organizations donated over $100,000 in materials and labour to upgrade the cenotaph and restore the 100-year-old “Tommy” statue after it was damaged."

La première Journée nationale de la vérité et de la réconciliation

H2H meets with Minister of Veterans Affairs

Du régiment aux bâtiments ont à cœur de rappeler et de rendre honneur aux survivants, leurs familles et leurs communautés.

H2H Labour Day Support despite parade cancellation

H2H meets with Minister of Veterans Affairs

Due to covid restrictions the Sarnia, ON, the official Labour Day parade was cancelled but the building trades wanted to keep the 120 year tradition of labour going so they decided to gather at the workers monument looking over Chemical Valley. The workers monument is on the left.

Joe Maloney, H2H is holding the Support Our Troops flag on the right and next to him (R) is Ron Simon, Veteran, who joined the Boilermakers through H2H. The others are members from the Insulators and Boilermakers unions.

Joe Maloney would like to thank John Swart president of the Sarnia building trades council for keeping this 120 year record going. Very proud day.

Réussir sa vie après le service : Drew Semper

H2H meets with Minister of Veterans Affairs

Passer de l’avionique militaire aux services électriques dans le secteur privé signifie recommencer du début. En novembre 2000, il a suivi une formation préapprentissage intense de 12 semaines en vue de l’obtention de son Sceau rouge, la désignation reconnue par la province pour les électriciens qualifiés. Il est maintenant apprenti de première année chez Brymar Electric, qui fait du câblage pour des projets de construction commerciale et résidentielle dans la région d’Edmonton.

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DRB rencontre le ministre des Anciens Combattants du Canada

DRB rencontre le ministre des Anciens Combattants du Canada

De le fil Twitter de le ministre des Anciens Combattants du Canada ( @L_MacAulay ) : Après plus de 36 ans dans l'uniforme, David Giannou travaille maintenant pour aider les vétérans à démarrer une carrière dans les métiers spécialisés à @H2HCanada

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Vandalism of Cenotaph soldier an insult to community

CARPENTERS’ LOCAL 27 — A crew of volunteers have been spending their Saturdays working on renovations to the MacKenzie Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion in Woodbridge, Ont.
The bronze soldier, known as “Tommy,” has adorned Sarnia’s Cenotaph since 1922. Sarnia Police photo

It was a stinging slap in the face to the memories of all who have answered Canada’s call to arms.

What’s more, it desecrated the sacrifice of Sarnia’s fallen soldiers, sailors and airmen whose names, in the hundreds, are recorded on the Cenotaph in Veterans Park.

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley spoke of “sadness and outrage” after vandals pried the rifle off the First World War statue, known as “Tommy,” on April 6. The bronze soldier has stood sentinel over what Bradley called “this Hallowed ground” since 1922.

Royal Canadian Legion Vice President Les Jones, a former police officer and veteran of the First Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment, said it was “incomprehensible” someone could commit such a thoughtless crime against “an empty tomb honouring our brave men and women.”

When John Swart learned the metal gun had been stolen, however, he knew his members would spring into action. Swart, president of the Sarnia-Lambton Building Construction and Trades Council, said his members were appalled at the disrespect shown Canada’s war vets.

His 7,000-member Council is part of a national campaign known as ‘Helmets to Hardhats,’ which recruits veterans to construction apprentice trades once they’ve completed their service. So the desecration of Tommy hit a nerve. The members, who represent all construction trades from operating engineers to insulators and laborers, are raising money to cover the restoration cost.

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H2H Info Webinar for COATS & Cadets

CARPENTERS’ LOCAL 27 — A crew of volunteers have been spending their Saturdays working on renovations to the MacKenzie Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion in Woodbridge, Ont.

Une séance d'information sur le programme Du régiment aux bâtiments (DRB) est prévue dans une semaine, soit le 9 juin 2021. Normand Trépanier, vétéran ayant servi dans les FAC durant 37 ans et actuel directeur-adjoint de DRB, et Paul Bury, vétéran ayant servi dans les FAC durant 33 ans et directeur des placements de DRB, seront les hôtes de cette séance d'information sur le programme. DRB est un organisme qui permet de mettre en relation la communauté militaire (y compris les cadets séniors) à des métiers spécialisés dans l'industrie du bâtiment et de la construction.

Plus d'information (COATS & Volunteers / SAIOC & bénévoles Facebook)

Former military officer hired to help vets find construction work in region

The veterans support program Helmets to Hardhats Canada has received a federal grant to hire an Atlantic representative.

Dave Giannou, a retired lieutenant-commander in the navy, began his new position last week. He is working to help former military personnel in the region find new employment in the construction industry.

"We are a family, we always take care of our own so this is an opportunity for me to give back to the family," he said.

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Lettre du Sous-ministre, ACC à DRB

To all Veterans, Families, Associations and Stakeholders,

Today, Government announced that my tour of duty as the Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada is coming to a close. My last day with the Department will be 24 May, when I will hang-up my spurs…again!

Over these past six and a half years, it has been a privilege to continue to serve those who served our nation. It was humbling to honour our fallen comrades and I was proud to make every effort to assist those in need.

All of us who wore the uniform of the CAF and RCMP made a choice to sign-up and each of us had a unique experience in uniform. There were good times and there were tough times. Tragically, some of our comrades in arms made the ultimate sacrifice for Canada. Some amongst us were wounded, some became ill or injured.

For some folks, the support from Veterans Affairs made a positive difference on the road to recovery and well-being. In other cases, the great staff at VAC will continue to provide support that reflects Care, Compassion and Respect. Our VAC employees are dedicated to their mission to support all of our Veterans and their families. Almost all have a link to a Veteran in their personal life and many are Veterans themselves. While they have a huge amount of empathy, some need to use all the tools at their disposal to gently nudge us on the road to wellness.

Thank you for your service in the Veterans’ community, for your enduring leadership, generosity and support to those in need. I have appreciated your insights, your determination to make a difference and your understanding. A small request: just as we learned on Basic Training, please continue to work together as a tight-knit team towards a common good for our Veterans.

It’s been great to serve with you again! May you be blessed with health and safety.


Walt Natynczyk

DRB embauche un représentant de l’Atlantique grâce à une subvention fédérale

Cliquez la lettre pour agrandir

Du Régiment aux Bâtiments Canada renforce son engagement envers les vétérans des Forces armées à la recherche d’une formation dans les métiers spécialisés et des possibilités de carrière dans les provinces maritimes en nommant le capitaine de corvette à la retraite David Giannou comme représentant du Service de transition du Canada en atlantique à compter du 10 mai. Il sera basé à Halifax.

Du Régiment aux Bâtiments – DRB en abrégé – est une organisation à but non lucratif qui travaille en partenariat avec le gouvernement, l’industrie et les syndicats pour aider les vétérans (ainsi que leurs conjoints et personnes à charge, réservistes et cadets supérieurs) dans leur transition vers une carrière civile dans l’industrie de la construction. Giannou coordonnera les efforts entre les conseils des métiers de la construction des provinces de l’Atlantique, les associations d’employeurs et les Forces armées canadiennes.

L’embauche de Giannou provient directement d’une subvention du Fonds pour le bien-être des vétérans et de la famille, une initiative d’Anciens Combattants Canada qui offre un soutien financier aux programmes qui ont un impact positif et durable sur la communauté des vétérans.

Le ministre des Anciens Combattants, Lawrence MacAulay, a déclaré que l’organisation méritait une augmentation de financement. « Du Régiment aux Bâtiments fait un travail exceptionnel pour soutenir nos vétérans chaque jour. Je sais que David aidera les vétérans à trouver de nouvelles carrières enrichissantes dans les métiers spécialisés à travers le Canada atlantique. Je suis très fier que nous puissions leur apporter notre soutien pour rendre cela possible grâce au Fonds pour le bien-être des vétérans et de la famille. »

Le directeur exécutif du DRB, Joe Maloney, a accueilli favorablement la subvention fédérale. « Le Canada fait face à une pénurie imminente de travailleurs qualifiés et ces braves hommes et femmes possèdent les compétences nécessaires pour réussir dans les métiers », a-t-il déclaré. « Ces gens-là ont besoin d’une deuxième carrière enrichissante et l’industrie a besoin de travailleurs dévoués. C’est une solution parfaite et une situation gagnante pour toutes les parties impliquées. Grâce aux Anciens Combattants, nous faisons de cet objectif une réalité. »

Giannou, originaire des maritimes, est né à Glace Bay en Nouvelle-Écosse. Il a grandi à Corner Brook, Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador. Il s’est enrôlé dans la Marine royale canadienne (MRC) en 1982 dans le cadre du Programme de formation des techniciens en génie maritime, et il a gradué en 1985 avec deux diplômes en poche. Il a servi pendant les 16 années suivantes en tant qu’ingénieur de marine sur des navires et sous-marins de la MRC mis en service en 2000, puis a passé une décennie à superviser la formation en simulation et à poursuivre sa propre formation d’ingénieur. Il obtient par la suite, le titre d’officier du génie sur le NCSM Preserver, le plus ancien navire de la MRC. Cette expertise l’a conduit à sa nomination en 2013 à l’École de génie naval. Il a récemment pris sa retraite après une brillante carrière de 36 ans dans la MRC.

David apporte avec lui une riche expérience en formation et en ingénierie, il est un produit de la marine », a déclaré Maloney. « Je ne peux être plus qu’heureux de le voir poursuivre nos efforts pour forger de nouvelles carrières pour nos militaires de la région des maritimes. »

Du régiment aux bâtiments est un organisme à but non lucratif qui offre des possibilités d’emploie dans les métiers de la construction pour les anciens militaires, en transitions et ceux qui servent dans les forces régulières ou de réserves, leurs conjoints/conjointes et leur jeune adulte âgé de 18 à 25 ans. © 2022 Du régiment aux bâtiments. Tous droits réservés.