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Helmets to Hardhats (H2H) Canada is a registered non-profit organization that has been providing second career opportunities within Canada's Building Trade Unions to the military-affiliated community for over a decade. We ensure the military community is connected to careers with the best industry wages, benefits and pension plans. At the same time, Canada's Unions and employers receive highly motivated, trained and dedicated employees to add to their workforce. H2H is recognized as a leading service provider by the Government of Ontario, the Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada.

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Communications Director
Aidan Strickland

Aidan Strickland serves as the Communications Director at our organization, bringing a wealth of experience and a strategic approach to our messaging. With a background in communications and a passion for effective storytelling, Aidan has played a pivotal role in enhancing our brand visibility and fostering meaningful connections with our stakeholders. Email Comms Director

Frequently asked Questions related to Communications
  • Do I need permission to use H2H logos?

    Yes, the H2H logo is a registered trademark of Helmets to Hardhats Canada. Please send an email with a request to our Communications Director.

  • How can I advertise my business with Helmets to Hardhats?

    You will first need to be approved for a Helmets to Hardhats account, please register as a Union or Employer, here. Once approved, you can reach out to our Director of Communications to explore further opportunites including social media and newsletter promotion.

  • How can I interview a Helmets to Hardhats Veteran?

    You can find one on one interviews with H2H Veterans on our testimonial page. However, if you wish to conduct your own interview, please reach out to our Director of Communications, with your name, outlet and purpose of the interview.

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Use of H2H logo

Please send an email to our Comms Director to let us know you are linking to our website and any further assistance we can offer.

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