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The building & construction trades unions of Canada have made a remarkable commitment to our men and women who serve their country in all four sub-components of the CAF Reserve - a commitment that allows them to undertake prolonged training session or partake in military operations with the peace of mind that their progress as an apprentice and/or their employment will be protected until they return from their military duties.

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Have you served in the military and want to work in the construction industry? Our employers have positions waiting for those with military service. This includes Regular and Reserve Force and Veterans.

Before you register, you will need a resume. You can find some help for your resume here .

We've also created a timeline of the Helmets to Hardhats process so you can follow your progress.

Alex F
Alex F

Before joining H2H I was a member of the 31 CER.

Dan B
Dan B

In 2002 after working various construction jobs in BC’s Lower Mainland,I joined 192 Construction Engineering Flight Aldergrove (192 CEF)...


I am a serving reservist soldier and I used the Helmets 2 Hardhats program to acquire an apprenticeship in plumbing.

Supporting reservists and employers

The Canadian Forces Liaison Council works in partnership with the Defence Team to promote the value of reserve service to Canadian employers, educators and other organizations, including the building trades.

Compensation for Employers of Reservists Program (CERP). This Government of Canada program will provide over $400 per week for the duration of the absence of their reservist-employee on operations, for a minimum of 30 days to a maximum of 18 months, in the form of a grant to be paid to employers or self-employed Reservists at the end of the Reservist's deployment period.

Canadian Armed Forces members deployed on Operation PALACI prepare a 105-mm C3 Howitzer gun at Rogers Pass, British Columbia, for their second day of preparations and rehearsals on November 21, 2019. Photo: MCpl PJ Létourneau, Canadian Forces Combat Camera IS06-2019-0033-008
Photo: Canadian Forces Combat Camera LH01-2015-024-003

Trade Training while Serving

The Canadian Armed Forces offers an opportunity to receive paid training and education. Students can join the military and attend Military Training Schools to learn the trades skills required for their career. For certain qualifying occupations, studies can be completed at a qualifying Canadian college or post-secondary establishment.

Support from the Building Trades

Canada's top Building & Construction Labour Organizations have signed declarations in place to show their support for the Reserves.

The National Construction Labour Relations Association Declaration of Support for the Reserve Force

View PDF

Canada's Building Trades Unions Declaration of Support for the Reserve Force

View PDF

Canada’s Building Trades Unions and The National Construction Labour Relations Association Joint Policy Statement on Military Leave for Employees in the Organized Construction Industry

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