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Helmets to Hardhats Canada

How the Helmets to Hardhats program works

A printable pdf of this timeline is available here

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Step One

Prepare to register with Helmets to Hardhats Canada

Welcome to H2H !
Before you begin, you will need:

    A tentative plan, including:
  • What province will you be in?
  • When are you ready to start a new career?
  • What is your intended release date? (does not apply to Reservists)
  • Trade of choice?
  • Proof of military service
  • An updated resume

We encourage you to learn about Canada’s 14 Building Trades Unions and 60+ occupations offered to decide on a trade that will suit your skillset and desired lifestyle. Some trades have specific educational requirements, such as the completion of Grade 11 or 12 high school Math, English or Science. A Professional Education Diploma (P.E.D.) is mandatory for the province of Quebec.

Now is also a good time to see what support you are eligible for through provincial grants and scholarships. If you are on a 3a or 3b release and entitled to vocational rehabilitation, take advantage of this time to complete any required prerequisites.

*Please note that applicants with a release item 1 or 2 DO NOT qualify for the Helmets to Hardhats program.

Step Two

Register for your Helmets to Hardhats® account

When you are ready to deploy into your second career and create an account with H2H, you must fill in ALL mandatory information blocks and complete the registration process in one sitting.

You must ensure you use and confirm your PERSONAL email address as part of the registration process. DO NOT use your military email address, as the DWAN firewalls will impede the process.

During the first part of the registration process, you will receive an email that you must confirm to continue with registration. If you do not receive one, check your Spam or Junk inboxes.

Step Three

Account Verification

Once registered, a Helmets to Hardhats Career Advisor will be assigned to you will review your application and check for missing documentation, such as a copy of your Resume and Proof of service, (Proof of service includes a copy of your most up to date MPRR, a screen shot of your MyVAC account page, or a copy of your Military ID Card or Veteran ID Card).

PS: Your resume should be in Word or PDF format and include your education, employment experience, reference letters and other qualifications or certificates.

A resume template is available on our website if you need support writing

Step Four

Welcome email

You will receive an official welcome email from your H2H Career Advisor. If there is missing documentation you will be asked to provide the document and when all documentation is received your account will be approved. Your Career Advisor will then schedule a phone call with you to begin developing your career pathway into the skilled trades.

It is also a time to raise questions about the process and how the unionized construction industry works.

Step Five

Start your job search

Once your account is approved, you can access your profile and the secure job board. You can add up to 10 supplementary documents to your profile and edit or update your information anytime.

If you are eligible, they will offer provincial specific safety training, educational upgrading and value-added training opportunities where available.

Step Six

Start applying

A list of current opportunities is updated regularly on the H2H website. If a posting interests you, you can apply directly or flag it to your H2H Career Advisor.

We encourage you to check our Career Opportunities page often to build your second career in the construction industry.

Step Seven

Keep in touch

Let us know when you find a second career through Helmets to Hardhats! We want to share your success story with other Veterans, Unions and our industry supporters.

Inactive accounts

Note: Your account will de-activate if you have not logged-in for more than 365 days. Ensure you are active on your account at least once a year.

A printable pdf of this timeline is available here

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