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How the Helmets to Hardhats program works

A printable pdf of this timeline is available here

Step One

Make a plan

Do your research before you decide on a trade that will suit your skillset and lifestyle. Some trades have specific educational requirements such as the completion of Grade 11 or 12 High School Math, English and/or Science. For the province of Quebec, a professional education diploma P.E.D. is mandatory.

Note: Have you decided where you plan to live and when you are ready to begin your new career? It is important to have a plan as to where you wish to live after your military service, and the conditions of work you want (travel, stay at home overtime).

Your release: Matching a release date with a start of training can vary from one province to another and from one trade to another. Be aware that some trades might only have 1 or 2 intake dates per year and these intake dates might not always match with your planned release date. Also, if you are on a 3a or 3b release and entitled to vocational rehabilitation, take advantage of this time to complete any prerequisites you might require for the selected trade.

Step Two

Register for your Helmets to Hardhats® account

When you register for your H2H account, it is IMPORTANT that you fill in all mandatory blocks. We recommend that once you start your registration to continue until completed. There are four (4) pages to complete.

You must ensure that you confirm your email address as part of your registration process. Do not use the force.gc.ca email address, as the DWAN firewalls will impede this process. During the first part of the registration process you will receive an email that you must confirm in order to continue with registration. If you do not receive one, verify your Spam or Junk inboxes.

Step Three

Account approval

Once you have registered, H2H will verify the military information you provided to confirm your actual military service. Applicants with a Release Item 1 or Item 2 do not qualify for the program.

Step Four

Welcome email

Once our DND partner confirms that you have served with the CAF or as still serving, your career coordinator will send you an email welcoming you to the Helmets to Hardhats® Program and you will be asked to forward him a copy of your resume.

Step Five

30 days to respond with resume

You have 30 days to respond to the welcome email and to send in a copy of your Resume. Your account will be archived if you do not respond within the specified delay.

Send your Resume to your career coordinator after receiving his welcome email. Your Resume should be in MS Word or PDF format. If these formats are not available to you, ensure your Resume can be read electronically.

Note: Verify the resources you have for creating a good resume that will get you noticed. Start gathering your education diplomas and/or certificates proof of employment experience, letters of reference. A resume template is also available on our website. It is designed to help you get hired in the building and construction industry.

Step Six

Start your job search

Once H2H receives and uploads your Resume onto your account, you will be granted access to your profile on the secure website. The only page you cannot change is the Service Info page. You can add up to four supplementary resumes, edit your contact and career information.

Step Seven

Your Placement Director Interview

Following reception of your resume, a phone call interview will be scheduled to discuss your profile, training and/or employment opportunities. This is the perfect opportunity to ask your questions, find out if working in the construction trade is a good match for your military qualifications and find out how the construction industry works.

Step Eight

Check often!

Opportunities showing up on the H2H website can only be seen by registered members. We recommend that you visit the site regularly because opportunities are sometimes not on the site very long. The onus is on the registered member to visit the website regularly to see what opportunities are available. Note: If a posting interests you, you can apply to it and attach your Resume that is already on your account. Ensure you meet the requirements, or you will not be considered.

Inactive accounts

Note: Your account will de-activate if you have not logged-in for more than 365 days. Ensure you are active on your account at least once a year.

A printable pdf of this timeline is available here

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